Design hard foam inserts, commissioning tablets, and shadowboard foils for transparent and ergonomic workplaces using a professional ToolBed-Scanner terminal. Position your objects yourself directly on location at your facilities – quickly, intuitively, and straightforwardly.

The unique, mobile contour capturing device on loan (tool scanner) has met since 2011 the highest industry standards. It is persuasive through its high precision, large supporting surface, simple, menu-navigated touchscreen operation and automatic UMTS data upload.

Use the ToolScanner reference category, the tried and true original by ToolBed.




Draft hard foam inserts, commissioning tablets, and shadowboard foils for the optimal organization of your tools and other objects with low overall heights and in small numbers using ToolBed-Scanner light.

The compact devices in a suitcase design are distinguished significantly by their comfortable, menu-navigated two-button operation and automatic UMTS data upload from simple camera-backlight systems, which fall under the prohibition of cameras in many companies.

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System Features

  • Fast tool capture directly on-site
  • Complete scans of drawer fittings
  • Menu-navigated, intuitive operation
  • Simple setup (plug&play)
  • Automatic data transmission via UMTS
  • Complete service without time-consuming reworking
System Comparison ToolBed-Scanner ToolBed-Scanner light
Design Terminal Desktop device
Target group (B2B) Industrial Small business
Supported area (WxD) 950 x 700 mm 610 x 610 mm
Accuracy over entire scan area 0,2 mm Restricted*
Maximum tool height 600 mm 50 mm (recommended*)
Menu navigation Touchscreen Screen
Scan data acquisition Screen keyboard 2-button
Scan data transmission UMTS UMTS
Scan Datasheets Datasheets Picture
Remote support Yes No
Industrial authorization** Yes Yes
Auxiliary positioning tools Yes Yes
Minimum scans per day of use Ø10 Ø5
Dimensions (WxDxH) 1300 x 1100 x 1990 mm 940 x 750 x 260 mm
Shipping*** Forwarding agent Forwarding agent
Delivery area Europe Europe

* Reduced accuracy with increasing object height and increasing distance from center
** No open camera system
*** Shipping and maintenance fee will be charged